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Are you professionally involved in impact assessment?

Are you already a member of the Western and Northern Canada Affiliate of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)?

If not, perhaps you should be…

IAIA is the only multi-disciplinary international organization for impact assessment professionals.  Its Western and Northern Canada (WNC) Affiliate is a dynamic professional association providing a range of EIA-related activities including guest speakers, local conferences, newsletters, networking opportunities and much more.  All of this is done to support the continuing improvement of the professional practice of impact assessment.

Membership in Western and Northern Canada is a diverse mix of professionals from government, consultants, NGOs, industry, and First Nations.  Subjects deal with predicting, evaluating, managing and monitoring the impacts of human activities on  ecosystems and people, in order to improve decision making about economic developments.  Northern and Western Canada is home to much cutting edge practice in impact assessment, and IAIA WNC makes it easier than ever to learn from the experiences of others in the region.

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